The  Valentinetti Puppet Museu

                         brings live  performances by celebrated puppet artists:


                                                                        2014-2015 Season


                                                       October 25, 2014    2:00 pm

                            "Punch and Pals" with puppeteer Clay Martin

                         Punch and Judy shows have delighted children and adults for over 350 yrs.

                         Clay Martin is a genuine Punch and Judy performer using a "swazzle", an ancient and secret    

                         device, to create Mr. Punch's distinctive voice. This show is great entertainment for school age 



March 21, 2015      2:00 pm

                           "The Tasty Tale of Brave Sir Bump"  puppeteer Bill Jarcho of Zambini Brothers


                        Laugh out loud at the funny adventures of this most unlikely hero as he saves the

                         kingdom from a terrible fate. This tasty tale is sure to please all ages.


May 30, 2015       2:00 pm

 "Red Riding Hood"  Jean Entianack  and the Thistle Theatre puppeteers

                    Little Red Riding Hood goes to Grandmutter's house with a basket of goodies and stumbles into an armful of adventures.  This puppet show will invite the children to sing 

and operate puppets with Little Red Riding Hood.



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Corporate & Individual Sponsorships  2014-15 

Richard Eskridge

Dentistry for Children

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