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Hope you attended our show on March 21st.   If you didn't you missed a great and amazing production performed by, Bill Jarcho, puppeteer of Zambini Brothers.
He performed 
"The Tasty Tales of Brave Sir Bump
 Laugh out loud at the funny adventures of this most unlikely hero as he saves the

                         kingdom from a terrible fate. This tasty tale is sure to please all ages.




Current Exhibit   


“2014 New Acquisitions : A Selection’

The year 2014 has provided a number of important and unusual gifts to the Museum's puppet holdings and library research collections.  Fifteen individuals or couples have contributed the 110 puppets and 30 items for our archive/research library.  This years puppet gifts are especially rich in the puppet art of Thailand and Burma (Myanmar), as well as Indonesia and some from other Asian countries.  The museum has also received a large gift of Seattle area puppets by the well know puppeteers, Joan King and Jean Mattson selected from three of their major productions of the third quarter of 20th century.  A scattering of other puppets from elsewhere around the globe are also included.  Research is ongoing and the curator will be delighted to share new insights and information as time goes on.  

We thank you for your past support of the Museum, its collections and its programs.  And we welcome your ongoing interest and support in the months and years ahead as together we build this unique treasure in the central Sound.  Through the eyes of the Greek philosopher Plato let us shine a bright light on this special communication and cultural treasure.

Stanley Hess,
Museum Curator


 Thank you to the donors who made this exhibit possible:

Allen & Barbara Banks



Mr. Zoltan Barnes



Rosemary & Jennings Bird



Rachele Deininger



Cynthia Edwards



Mary L. & Louis R. Enlow



Debbie and Dennis Housen



Joan King



& Jean Mattson



Mrs. Jane McAuliffe



Audrey M. Schwartz (Gift of the Estate of Marguerite M. McNulty)



Mari Siemon                                     (reference materials)



Allen Tauscher (via Rex &  Carol Tauscher)



Valentinetti Puppet Museum Gift Shop



Priscilla Zimmerman







          The Valentinetti Puppet Museum celebrates the art of puppetry through




                                   creative, historical and cultural experiences.